Concrete isn’t a 1960’s invention

Roman-Bath - MCP - Commercial Building Consultants

Britain was part of the Roman Empire for over 350 years. The Romans arrived in AD 43 and left in 410 and during this period they built eight thousand miles of road. Pre-Roman Britain already had an Iron-Age culture, however the society and economy was almost entirely rural and it was the Romans who introduced urban culture and architecture. The … Read More

Celebrating women in the built environment

Jane Jacobs - MCP - Commercial Building Consultants

To commemorate International Women’s Day, we at MCP chose five women who have had, or are having, a positive impact on our built environment. For us, Jane Jacobs stands alone. Her 1961 book The Death and Life of Great American Cities is one of the most influential books on urban design. Jane literally took on City Hall, when she challenged Robert Moses’ … Read More

Is condensation a problem in your home?

Condensation is a problem in most dwellings and is usually caused by the behaviour of the people who live in them. Therefore, better understanding of the causes of condensation could eradicate the problem from your home. Condensation can be explained as a simple relationship between hot and cold air and is formed when water vapour saturates the air. There are … Read More