Building Surveys

Building Surveys

Building surveys are prepared following a detailed inspection of the property by a Chartered Building Surveyor. All visible defects will be reported upon and, where possible, the cause diagnosed and recommendations for repair given. Many people wish to extend or alter the property they are buying. If you can provide details on your proposals before we carry out the survey, we can give general advice on these aspects, any special precautions that need to be taken or issues such as party wall matters. Your mortgage company will arrange for a valuation to be carried out, albeit normally at your expense. The purpose of this is simply to tell the bank or building society if the property is worth the price that you have agreed. Its purpose is not to provide you with any significant information, although often further reports on structure, dampness, roofing and the like may be required. You must remember that a house or flat will be, in most cases, the most expensive purchase of your life and therefore you need to know its condition. A survey report will give the information that you need and often, following the survey, you may be able to negotiate a reduction of the agreed purchase price.

Commercial Surveys

Where commercial clients are purchasing a freehold interest our Chartered Building Surveyors assess the needs of the client, consider the extent of the investigations to be made, advise on the limitations of the agreed inspection and obtain instructions from the client for any additional inspections and services required in order to prepare a detailed diligent report. Depending on instructions the report will usually confirm the condition and design of the property, establish the suitability of the property for its intended use, understand the need for, and quantifying, future costs and other liabilities thus providing a level of protection for institutional investors or funders. The report can then provide a basis for negotiation with the vendor.

Pre-Occupation Surveys

Similar to a Pre-Acquisition Survey, our Pre-Occupation Surveys are tailored for our commercial clients who are acquiring leasehold interests in a property. Our Chartered Surveyors will liaise closely with the client’s legal advisors and will comment on leases, draft lease or Heads of Terms from a Building Surveying perspective. The surveyor will focus on service charge provisions understanding the need for, and quantifying future costs and other liabilities providing a level of protection for institutional investors or funders.

Vendor Surveys

Vendor surveys are undertaken with a view to collating all due diligence documentation before the property goes to the market. Vendor surveys avoid the need for surveys by each purchaser’s team and enable sellers to ‘put their house in order’ should the reports identify issues. All potential purchasers will therefore be basing their offers on the same information and without the need for a ‘subject to survey’ condition.

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